Sandy, I can see subtle differences in tonality - a bit better tonal separation in the fine detail with the 8x10 negatives I am printing. In the deep blacks the MS Amidol prints also seem to yield a bit more detail than the Ansco 130.

The Ansco 130 prints are excellent, very close to what I am getting with MS Amidol. I want to try split development with the Ansco 130 and see if that will equal (or exceed) the Amidol.

BTW I am not toning the prints in this comparison.

Francesco uses split development (Moersch Catechol and Agfa Neutol WA) to produce wonderful Azo prints. I have examples of his images and I would be very happy if I could equal their tonal qualities with split 130.

I will try scanning examples and posting them to the Technical Gallery.