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Dear All,

Nearly all ILFORD Photo resellers would happily order it for you, so thats the best way to order any product, if you have any difficulty remember in the UK we do have D2D ( Direct to Dealer ) you ring the HARMAN technology Mobberley customer service number 01565 683 998, you order and pay for the product and we deliver to the nearest photo retailer in the D2D scheme for you to collect. We will also send you the D2D brochure. Delivery in the UK mainland is free of charge providing the order is 50.00 including VAT.

Simon ILFORD photo / HARMAN technology Limited :
Thanks Simon, but I am still confused. Your stock list on the website lists 11x14 size availability for some of the products I am interested in:


This is where I started so that I thought I could get these sizes in these papers. Most retailers don't list these in this size.

Furthermore the D2D list only has MG RC in 10s and 50s in 11x14.

There is no RC MGWT, MG FB or MG FBWT listed on D2D for 11x14 even though it is on your product list.

Furthermore the price for RC MG is quoted as 36.85 for 50 sheets via D2D. But Morco is selling this at 23 and Silverprint at 27.62. So D2D seems quite expensive.

Am I missing something???