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Francesco uses split development (Moersch Catechol and Agfa Neutol WA) to produce wonderful Azo prints.
Up until now I haven't done my own testing but from my head and after reading and comparing a bunch of formulas and descriptions it boils down to two simple formulas.
Take a hard working developer wich acts on the shaddows (i.e. low speed. Brenzcatechin, hydroquinone only or combined. No phenidon, no metol) as the first bath and tweak its tone by adjusting the restrainer (bromide/benzotriazol). Use Agfa 120 as a starting point, dilute less which will get you rid of the brown-tone effect, adjust the restrainer, try benzotriazol, replace half of the hydroquinone with brenzcatechin.

Use a metol-only developer as the second bath, Agfa 105 will be fine. Again, tone is adjusted by the restrainer.

Or get yourself the Moersch VGT-Kit, which allows you to taylor such combinations without weighing in raw chemicals and basically follows the above line of thought as far as I understood Wolfgang Moersch.