In Nov. 07 there was a question about sticky dark slides on the LF forum. I posted "J.B. Harlin, ULF camera builder, View Camera author and conference speaker, generally all around good guy, recommended Renaissance Paste wax. It was designed for maintenance of wood items in museums. It is clean, dust free and smooth. I know Light Impressions sells it, but it is also available elsewhere. I use it on 7x17 film holders, dark slides and several camera parts." Besides making everything work smoother it seems to make it difficult for dust to stick. On 7x17 you have the added benefit that it makes all that wood look better, but it really keeps the dust away from anything where I have used it.

I dust everything in the darkroom with a moist rag and vacuum the floor with the vent fan going when ever it needs it. The air coming into the room goes through a furnace filter. I keep two 8x10 film holders in the black plastic bags that come with 16x20 Kentmere FB VC paper. Then I carry 8-10 holders in a cheap zippered bag from Wal-Mart, another 8-10 in a sealed back pack. I carry the 7x17 holders in MC Sports, padded, Velcro sealed, bags, that Quality Camera sells. 5-7 of these go in a back pack meant for scuba gear from Dick's Sporting Goods.

Hope these ideas help.

John Powers