I find my test prints are pretty well fixed after 15 seconds in the fixer at normal room temperatures (though of course, for prints you want to keep, you should follow the manufacturer's recommendations which is normally one or two minutes) so I think it most likely that the fixer was bad for some reason.

Only other thing I can think of is if you have colour paper rather than b&w paper but I have no idea what happens if you run colour paper through b&w chemicals - I'm sure someone here will have tried it however!

I did once over-dilute fixer (I diluted already diluted fixer, so instead of mixing 1+4 it was 1+24 - ooops) - that was with film though and I was able to re-fix it quickly when I saw it wasn't fixed properly when I opened the tank. Unfortunately, unlike film, there is no visible change with paper to warn you.

Good luck, Bob.

P.S. Anyone who can invent "greypinkpurple-ish" has a grasp of the English language in excess of many who have been speaking it from childhood, so no worries there .