1. Helen of Troy - especially when she was ... confronting Menelaus.

2. Lysistrata.

3. Myrrhine, alone and together with Lysistrata (Note 1.)

4. Queen Margerethe(sp?) of Denmark.

5. The woman who was the subject of that tiled floor in Crete.

6. The model for the Venus De Milo.

7. Audrey Hepburn

8. Bridget Bardot.

9. Aggie (me too&#33.

A woefully incomplete list. Thousands more....

Note 1: I have taken a part in a local production of "Lysistrata". There will be world-wide performances of this play by Aristophanes, on 3 March 2003, to protest ANY future war - "A Theatrical Act of Dissent". Check out: www.LysistrataProject.com.