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In a word - no! The right hood for the Summaron is this:
but that's not very cheap. The easiest filter/hood solution would be a Cokin holder with 3 clamp screws instead of a threaded ring, the small "A" size would be fine, but the thing would still be a bit bulky in realtion to a screw-thread Leica. A WIDE-ANGLE 36 mm push-on hood and a Summarit hood are 2 hard-to-find items!
David H is correct & the only easy hood option is a push on A36 series filter ring and a series filter wide angle hood, & this would help the filter availability as well.

The lens should perform well f/8 and smaller, it is pushing it to use 5.6 if you want poster size prints, but if you just want 10x8 it is ok...