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I normally dodge and burn my prints, but I have the feeling that when doing so will not improve the print as I want it to.

For instance, if I burn the print, if I use the same filter, the whitness will be more gray on that area (since it will get more light).

I'm wondering how you do it. Do you just dodge/burn and don't care if the whitness gets affected? Or do you change to (if we go back to the burn-example) a higher filter so the burn only affects the dark areas?
Or do you locally change the contrast?

/ Marcus
Usually I change the filtration Marcus. However, be bold, as the effect of raising contrast filtration may be less than you expect, due to the exposure you have already given.
If you want to locally shift contrast try holding the area back throughout the first exposure and burning it back in with a higher or lower contrast. It's easier than you might think and with little practice becomes quite seamless. You then get the full effect of the filtration you use for the burn in.

Also, don't forget that you can adjust contrast with bleach