Sorry to be like a dog with a bone here but I'd like to see if a further check is possible on the age of my Verichrome Pan film. It does have the crimson backing paper and the yellow writing which Claes tells me means it was dated sometime between the late 50s to early 60s

Can anyone tell me what the earliest and latest date might be from the description of the backing paper and writing? There was presumably a point in time when either Verichrome Pan ceased to be produced or something changed about the backing paper in the same way that Ilford changed the writing on its FP4+ cassette a few years ago.

I have since learned that with 35mm Ilford films, all have a code on the emulsion which when quoted tells Ilford what the date of production was. There was no such code or any identifying letters/numbers on the edge of the Verichrome Pan that I could see. Perhaps Kodak didn't bother with such things way back then but if there is any way to identify the age of the film or a Kodak contact I could use to at least identify the beginning and end dates of this film with a crimson backing paper and yellow writing in the form of "cursive script" I'd be glad to know of it.