Automation, which doesn't have to be digital, can be great. Slide duping to an image recorder, machine proof prints, spotting and CC'ing scans once and print many etc...

Having clients look over your shoulder at the last/every frame shot by your digital camera may not be one of them.

I do product shots for a client. They are down and dirty shots for ebay. I usually use a Canon AE1, but this last batch were shot with an EOS. What a pain in a** this camera is. It took me 10min's just to turn every thing to manual. I did try the auto focus but I was not convinced it was focusing on the correct part of the product (a third in instead of the leading edge). I was constantly nudging the twirly thing on the back which caused me to have to stop and check that the apreture hadn't changed. And to top it off this sucker is as big as my mamiya 6 and all it produces is a postage stamp.

Sorry for the rant

I am not a big fan of MF SLR's. But I do believe that a good photographer is smarter than anything yet produced. The only time I think this this type of automation is needed is when you need something that can focus, bracket and advance film faster than a good photographer (as in sports and maybe journalism) and MF AF camera's don't focus that fast.

On the flip side everything I've read or heard about fuji glass is good. I don't like the feel of their MF RF's, but this isn't an RF. I also suspect that the Blad engineers had a thing or two to say about all aspects of this camera

My final comment/question, however meaningful, is why 6x4.5? Are 3 extra frames that important? The glass has to cover 6x6 anyway and I can not imagine it would impact the design that much. Who wants to rotate a an MF SLR for a horizontal.

OK I'm done ranting... for now.