The thiorcarbamide toned prints I made last night dried with a bit of random patches of residue, which are noticeable when the prints are held at an angle to a light. I thought they might be visible after framed so I rewet them and soaked them for a few minutes each in a 3% acetic acid bath with a little light sponging of the emulsion. Iím new at toning and am hoping this'll have cleared them up. But it got me thinking I better work an acid bath into my thiourea toning routine. Does anyone else do this?

Also, the prints had a black dust worm on a white area so I decided to spot them off with farmerís reducer. Since I read you should fix after using bleach, I inserted the spotting between my two fixing baths.

So, for everything I needed to do for that print run, can I bounce my sequence off you gurus for any suggestions? This might also help others getting into toning and/or highlight bleaching their prints.

Thank you!!!

Spotting/bleaching and Thiourea toning sequence:
Stop (I do a thorough water rinse)
Fix 1 (TF-4, 1 minute)

<rinse and then into a water holding tray while printing others>

Local or overall bleaching, then rinse off
Fix 2 (TF-4, 1 minute)
Hypo Clear (optional since I use TF-4 but I do it anyway)
15 minutes in archival washer

Thiourea bleach
Wash (a couple minutes of thorough rinsing)
Thiourea tone

<***Do I need a Fix 3 here if only partially toning?***)

<rinse and then water holding tray while toning others>

3% acetic acid bath to clear possible toning residue (2 or 3 minutes)
Wash (a couple minutes of thorough rinsing)
30 minute archival wash

Finally, have a cold beer.