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Sandy wrote:
"Even chemists disagree about the exact nature of toning but laboratory analysis has been reported that strongly suggests that in toning with gold or Pt./Pd. silver is in fact converted to the more noble metals."

What? Silver is in fact converted to the more noble metals? I want the machine you own that converts silver into some other element. Sounds like a cash cow to me...

Perhaps what you mean is that the reactive silver compounds are combined with the metallic toning compounds to form less reactive compounds (i.e. alloys).

And while I appreciate the points of view of both Kerik and Sandy, I've found kallitypes, while quite lovely, afford me very little in monetary or time savings.
What attracts me to kallitypes isn't the ability to mimic palladium prints but rather the added creative possibilities given by toning. Similar in some ways to silver gelatin prints.

Don Bryant