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The different dilutions of Rodinal are used to control contrast. The 1+100 dilution is good to tame a high contrast scene and for a rainy overcast day you might prefer the 1+25 dilution to increase contrast. The 1+50 Dilution is about normal.
I have absolutely no idea what the hell I'm doing, but a few months back I exposed a 35mm roll (36 exp) of TX400 in 1/3rd - 320/640/1000 iso and developed in Rodinal 1:25 semi-stand for about 30 minutes. Agitation was very minimal. First 30s & then 5s at each 5 mins or so.

Contrast sucked. I mean it was certainly printable and the tones were mostly there, but there was absolutely no 'punch' to the images, and I've yet to see this mystical "accutance" everyone's raving about.

After reading some info posted on Flickr groups (see Fotohuis link above) i went downstairs and developed another roll from the above batch (was exposed in the same way) in Rodinal 1:50/10 mins, agitation was 1st min & then 5s each 1 min.

I've yet to print the negs as they are drying, but I instantly observed a marked improvement in contrast. I'm curious to hear what light can be shed on the subject by folks more knowledgeable then myself.