Best characteristics for Rodinal:

Very sharp
Pronounced edge effect
Nice grey tonal range

In discussion:

Pronounced grain
(But the overall effect depends on your agitation method)


Liquid developer, easy in handling
Very long storage time (> 10 years)
Relative cheap (Approx. Eur. 12,- for 500ml) which is able to do about almost 100 films.

My advice:
Rodinal with:
APX 100/400 (Rollei Retro 100/400) resp. E.I. 80/E.I. 250
Fuji Acros 100 (E.I. 64)
Pan F (E.I. 50)
Rollei PAN 25
Efke 25/Maco UP25
Rollei Ortho 25
Fomapan 100 (E.I. 80)
Fomapan 200 (E.I. 125-160)

The last one can give some very old style images:

BTW R09 (Fomadon or Calbe) is the pre WWII version of Rodinal. The lifetime of these versions are much more limited and they will pronounce more grain.

If you're interested you can look at our Flickr Rodinal versus R09 comparision: