Actually Robert you're very wrong.

Rodinal gives exceptionally good results with modern films like APX100, Tmax100 etc, I assume it would be the same with Delta100. Over the past few years I've known a lot of photographers who swear by the APX/Tmax and Rodinal combination, all getting excellent fine grain, very good sharpness and tonality.

I used the combination myself for 35mm, 120 & 5x4 and the results for APX100 & Tmax100 (EI50) are indistinguishable.


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In principle Rodinal (a para-amino phenol developer) is suitable for slow and medium speed classical (cubical) film emulsions. So Tmax, Delta is IMO much less suitable in the Rodinal development.
Try classical films in the iso range from E.I. 20-200 and you will see what I Robert