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In principle Rodinal (a para-amino phenol developer) is suitable for slow and medium speed classical (cubical) film emulsions. So Tmax, Delta is IMO much less suitable in the Rodinal development.

One of the best Rodinal (1+50) combinations is with Agfa APX 100 (new) or the equivalent Rollei Retro 100 film.

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I beg to differ re: Rodinal and T-Max! I am not a t-grain film fan. I spent several years, many different devs and many, many rolls of t-grain films trying to get them to look good. Eventually I went back to traditional films.

A couple of years ago a friend gave me 2 rolls of T-Max 100 to play with. I had never souped this film in Rodinal. Rodinal gave me the best negs I have ever gotten with this film.

But, that is why photography is also an art and that is why there is more than one film and more than one dev. Photographers were made to disagree!

I do agreee than APX 100 and Rodinal is just about perfect.