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Ammonium thiosulfate (aka rapid) fixers work much faster than sodium thiosulfate based ones and will clear the notoriously difficult to fix Kodak's Tmax films in 2 to 3 minutes, with complete fixing accomplished in 7 minutes or so. Foma films fix out very quickly, and rapid fixers will clear an undeveloped film chip in a minute or so.
My experience is that Foma films clear in rapid fixers (Kodak Hardening Rapid Fixer, TF-3, or Suzuki's Neutral Rapid Fixer) in 30 seconds or less. Those films are very quick to clear. IIRC, the instructions for these products say to fix RC papers for ~1 minute. I don't know if RC papers vary amongst themselves in necessary fixing time. Even if they do, I certainly agree that a 10-minute fixing time is excessive, except maybe when using nearly-exhausted standard (sodium thiosulfate) fixer.