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I know I PM'd her with my mailing address, as I'm sure others did, too. I was unofficially(?) third on the latest list:

1. HeliH
2. Black Dog
3. FilmSprocket
4. eskyone
5. mexipike
6. sensanjay

And I think George rounds this list out.

Anyway, way to go Art,.... and thanks Nicole. If I (we) need to re-PM with shipping info, I'm happy to do it.

I wasn't on the original list. Heck, this baby started off in life before I joined APUG!

But if there is room left on the roll and you need a "closer" to come out of the bullpen - I'm warmed-up and ready (and promise that I'm not taking steroids or HGH - note: perhaps only the North Americans will understand this paranthetical!).