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anyone else using foma 100 and pyrocat hd? i do not have any quality issues with my foma film. i use tanks development with hc110 at 20 degrees. dil h for 9 min (dil G (119:1) for 18min) very very successfully.

i would like to try some pyrocat hd. i am finding it difficult to find a starting point.

i do not understand "SBR or EFS"

thanks for the help.



I have never tested the Foma film in Pyrocat-HD so can not offer much advice. However, unless it is very different from other ASA 100 films I would suggest a time of about 12 minutes at 70F using tank development and the 1:1:100 dilution of Pyrocat-HD. That should certainly get you in the ball park for silver printing, though you may have to make some adjustments with VC filters.

Subject Brightness Range is a BTZS (Beyond the Zone System) term that calculates the subject luminance range of the subject in stops when using Davis' incident metering system. SBR of 7 is considered normal. When you do BTZS testing the SBR of the subject determines how much develoment is needed.

EFS means effective film speed. Generally the speed of a film in a given developer is not constant, but increases with time of development.

Understanding and using a system of sensitometry may help one make better negatives, though some don't consider it necessary.