I think you will enjoy Brizzie. Being a 'morning' person helps when the kookaberra decides to announce the rising sun at 3:30am, and he is right. The other end of the day, catching the sunset sometimes almost needs a motor winder, if you are used to the hours of time the sun sets when coming from more northern latitudes.

I was living in MacGregor, and working in Upper Mount Gravatt, and then later on in Wooloongabba. The joy of learning all of the suburb names was interesting. In my native Canada it is the roads, which follow a grid pattern, that tell people where you are at - like now I am east of Erin Mills Parkway, South of Dundas Street.

If you take the Busway thank me. , I was the guy that designed and oversaw the construction of all the bus tracking elements and mechanical system oversight in the tunnels for the SouthEast and Innner Northern Busways.