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That's awesome. I wish I could get to like HC-110. I'm probably doing something wrong. Mixing it straight from the concentrate, is that okay?
It's sticky and messy, like maple syrup. I have a few lab pipettes and none can pull this stuff. Didn't mean to jack your thread, but how do you use HC-110?

HC-110, good stuff, all-purpose dev. Yes, mix it straight from the bottle. I use a syringe from the drug store. It will pull it up for you and is great for using small amounts of devs like HC-100, Rodinal or Pyrocat.

I can't say whether you're doing something wrong or not. Some devs just don't click with some people. It can sometimes take several rolls before you hit it.

See also http://www.covingtoninnovations.com/hc110/