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David Henderson wrote this in another thread and it got me thinking. before anyone gets their knickers in a wad I am not calling David out just curious

Okay, this caught my eye. I am not saying his opinion is wrong or anything but I instantly wondered what he would look for in the way of color landscape photography?

I happen to be a huge Rowell fan but put Freeman Patterson equal to him, so there are two different parts of the spectrum. One saturated one pastel. What turns your crank if not the rowellesque image?
Well if this makes any sense, I like both Rowell and Patterson but I'm not a big fan of either. I enjoy looking at their work and admire their talents but don't seek to make photos like theirs.

I do reccomend to my students that they look at Patterson's work since I think it is very accessible and easy to enjoy and understand (say as opposed to work by Stephen Shore).

I met Galen about a year before his death and found him to be an interesting speaker and thought he was a good photographer. He very gladly signed the books of a friend of mine that asked me to get them signed at his presentation. I think he may be described as a fully self realized individual. I don't think there was much difference between his work life and his personal life, a very spiritual person.