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I don't know about Penn State. I'd give them a call and see about going to talk to folks in the department. A LOT of schools have taken their photo programs on a hard-right into digital, so if you are looking to do any kind of traditional imaging, you may be out of luck. With that said, there are a lot of schools out there that still value traditional imaging. I was just down this path recently. If you are looking for schools in Pennsylvania, I'd suggest Tyler School of Art at Temple University - they are partially funded by Pennsylvania and have an in-state tuition rate, and give some preference to PA residents in admissions.

I have my BFA in Graphic Design & Photography. I do have a solid background in digital imagery so I'm looking to do a combination of photo & digital media. (Am I going to get shot for saying that here? I have a heavy background in trad. processes too).

I'm not looking for an "art" school.. but more of a liberal arts school. I've looked at Tyler, but I really dislike Philly.

Basically, I'm trying to start looking for schools to apply to now, then work on my portfolio, and apply to 4 or 5.

Thanks for your help