First; access to the COLLODION.COM FORUM - Mr. Young is correct, I've been very busy and my junk mail filter is over active - I think several people have sent emails to join the board and the filter grabbed them (my apologies) - to resolve that, go here and send me your info, I'll get it and I'll get you on the forum.

Secondly, I believe there are fewer people working in wet plate on a "regular" basis than most think (but it is growing very fast). Most people, I would say 80-90%, that attend a workshop never make a plate at home. A few attempt the process, but most never get setup (equipment, etc.) or never get a handle on the chemistry (can't purchase it, mix it etc). Those that do go on to make images on their own are, relatively speaking, few. There are even fewer who can show you work produced in the last two weeks (at any give time); that's how I would define "regular basis" - producing work as you would with film or other image producing techniques.

However, I may be totally off of the mark and completely up in the night - I usually am.