I know there are a few chemical types on this site..was wondering if anyone could help explain something for me. I was toning this weekend and decided to 'wash' the prints in some Sodium Sulfite after toning in Viradon. At the beginning of the session the Viradon was rather milky, as it usually is, let the first print set until I felt it was ready, then moved it over to the Sodium Sulfite tray, which cleared up the film that seems to be on the print after toning with Viradon, then decided to place the print back for a few more minutes.

What happened were twoseparatee things - first the print seem to tone a little 'cleaner' and second, the toner cleared up...no milky look to it at all.

Any ideas what the reaction was with the Na Sulfite and Viradon? It did appear to 'kill' the toning action after about 5 or 6 prints, but the tones were much more like I prefer - more chocolate than sepia.