I know you said "run of the mill Kodak". I use Ilford stuff (for now) and the info on the containers reads
1 liter @20 C (68F) is: 8x10" RC - 60 prints, 8x10" FB - 30 prints, 15 rolls of 135-36 film. (stop bath at 1+19 dilution)
1 liter @20 C (68F) is: 8x10" RC - 80 prints, 8x10" FB - 50 prints (PQ developer at 1+9 or 1+14 dilution). I don't have the original contanier for the Fixer (rapid fix) but it usually reflects the developer.
For storage I recommend glass. If you use plastic, make sure the lids seal tight. The less air in the top means less oxidization (longer life). In the 8x10 trays I use 1 liter (easier to figure out the dilutions).
As for the food, remove anything not in a can (cereal). Put it all in a box and set it in the hall while printing. When I print, I remove the toothbrushes and paste, and floss. Why take a chance, when5 minutes is no time at all. Besides developer tastes really lousy...
Happy printing!