I don't have any issue with the colour saturation I saw in Rowell's work at the Mountain Light gallery. He was entitled to his own artistry- whether he chose to be faithful to the natural colouring or to try to instill his own vision, that's his prerogative.

I do have slightly more issue with the use of GNDs- in some cases it just becomes an effect unto itself and may even detract from the core message of the scene. More often than not I felt that Rowell's treatment via GNDs was perfect or close to perfect, but just a few examples looked overworked to my eye.

My only other slight quibble with the gallery is that, in my opinion, some of the enlargements were excessive. I realize that they want to fill the space with colour and most people stand back quite far from the prints... but in some cases I felt that the level of detail and tonality just wasn't there and I would have preferred a smaller, more intimate print.

But as for vision, dedication to his craft, artistic sincerity and so forth, Rowell was and will continue to be a major source of inspiration in landscape photography.