In no particular order:

Marcus Doyle
Chris Gordaneer
Stephan Romer
William Huber
Frank Le Petit
Olaf Veltman
Steffen Jahn
Cosmin BumbutÁ
Michael Prince
Frank Schott
Adrian Tyler
Andreas Gursky
Edward Burtynsky
Mark Laita
William Lamson
Mats Cordt
Heidi Hartwig
Hunter Freeman
Alexey Brodovitch
Paul Bourdice
Karen Kuehn
Nick Knight
Craig McDean
John Konkal
Dana Neibert

Nearly all commercial shooters. Many of them using large format gear. Many also doing post processing, which some here may not like.

When you photograph for work, sometimes clients ask you to emulate a style of another photographer, though luckily that does not happen too often to me. Mostly I get to work as a creative partner, giving my input and interpretation towards creating compelling images. It is good to be aware of trends, but I need to maintain a distinct look to my images. Also, 99.9% of the images I do are created in-camera, and need no post processing. Currently mostly shooting large format (4x5), though sometimes medium format, and for some musicians I still use 35mm gear.


Gordon Moat Photography