I love the patterns and mysteries that great photographers bring out of the landscape, a trait I attempt (sometimes in vain) to emulate. A pertinent example, in Rowell's 'North America: the Beautiful' he makes an image of the Bugaboos in the Canadian Rockies and I am looking at these Fitz Roy-esque granite spires emerging from a glacier and taking in the drama of the image when about a minute later I finally notice the reflection of a backpacker in the low light water in the foreground who is all but lost in the shadows of the lower mountains. It was a thrilling surprise to finally capture this portion of the image with my eyes.

I suppose I like landscapes that MAKE the viewer search for the hidden element and reward them with a true delight. As to color landscape, I am much more a fan of B&W than color. Sometimes it seems that color landscape is more a choice of film than the application of technique. Not to bash the greats that use color, I just prefer the monochrome image and use of contrast control that is inherant in great black and white shots.