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Re that GAF Universal Developer - when visiting the Foma factory shop in Prague three weeks ago
I shopped a packet of their kind of "Universal Developer". Itīs a bag of 220g, mixing up to 5l solution and
is designed for developing papers at stock strength and film when dilluted 1+3.

According to the package it contains Sodium pyrosulphite (whatever salt that is!), hydrochinone and phenidone.

The pack is labeled with "univerzalni vyvojka - univerzalna vyvojka - universal developer" and cost me
48 czech crowns, est. 1,50EUR.

No standard time for all films, though. Fomapan 100 is listed with 5min at 20°C, 200t at 3.5min, Foma 400 at 7.5min.

Look at www.foma.cz for the details and ask J and C or Fotoimpex if they can order it for you...

BTW - I bought just out of curiosity and because I read your message regarding that GAF developer few weeks earlier. ;-)

Best, Roman
thanks roman!

that is great news ... i'll check it out