I don't consciously go out and try to make a statement with my photographs. Sometimes a theme may emerge from a series of images that the viewer may recognize or I may recognize it and then purposely persue it further. Most of my work is of more detailed landscapes both natural and urban. I shoot a lot of derelict and abandoned items and it wasn't until a couple of years passed that I began to understand that I had an interest in the constant conflict between what man creates and nature reducing it over time to dust.

Sometimes I just see something that tugs at me to photograph it. I don't know why, but I have a strong need to record it on film. I guess I try to communicate my sense of beauty to the viewer. If I were to put up a statement at a gallery about my work it would go somethin like this:

"Here are images of something or some place or someone I think posesses a kind of beauty. I want to share it with you. My definition of beauty may be different then yours. I hope through my vision and skill I have created something that will allow you to stop and consider and appreciate my idea of beauty and I hope you will walk away with a more open awareness of the world all around you."

But the real truth for most of us, (at least for me), all though maybe not everyone wants to admit it is what Garry Winnogard said, (I hope he is the right guy) "I photograph things to see waht they look like as photographs".