Here's the latest basic question from a very green greenhorn. I am sure all of you figured this question out light ages ago, but I am young and need guidance.

Still haven't won the clearinghouse sweepstakes since my last post yesterday -- a.k.a. I am still poor, even poorer today knowing that my truck needs to get a new catalytic convertor to pass my state's emissions test

Anyhow, I want some B&W film -- and want to find the best bargain around. As I mentioned earlier, I am far from being a pro, but I am looking for some general purpose, all-around BW film to shoot with my 35 mm Cannon EOS-Elan II, then develop and print later in my homemade darkroom. Maybe 20 rolls to begin with? Will be shooting with the only lens I got -- 28-80mm zoom lens that came with the camera. I figured 400 speed is the way for me to go -- get some Kodak or Ilford stuff. Want to do outdoor landscape shooting, maybe use it indoors for get togethers, parties, etc. In a word, I am not an artist by profession and ain't expecting to sell these prints for hundreds of dollars, or put them on a slick developed homepage gallery -- just like photography, darkroom work, and feel I have a good eye.

So, here are the questions:

Is 400 speed the way for me to go (still getting my feet wet)?

What brand/type would you recommend?

What brand/type is the most affordable?

Is Ebay the way to go?

What are the other best-bargained sites for buying b&w film?

For buying paper and chemicals?

All thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!