Forgive the simplicity, but isn't it possible that the juror just felt that other photos were better in his eyes...
I definately agree! But as jovo said, they weren't looked at. If they did take the framed prints out of the plastic, you're correct mine may not have been good enough, but we'll never know. I'm ok with not being good enough, it just means I'll work harder.

...making a formal complaint might be a good idea. At least the sponsoring organization may be much more alert when selecting a juror in the future.
Thank you for your words; it would be my sincerest hope that a well written letter explaining the above would matter, I don't know if they will care. I will probably be considered a "soup grapes loser."

Hmmm -- I bet I know which show this is. None of my three pieces made it either and they were in the landscape/natural element side of things. The show of which I speak hung 80 pieces out of 701 submissions, so I just assumed it's the luck of the draw (after all, I belong to APUG, surely I'm a photographic genius - it couldn't be my fault! ). Said exhibit was only partially hung when I was there and I did observe most of what was up involved people.
You may know! Yes, only modern contemporary people photos (many very good!). Wow, 701 pieces! That's $5,608!!!! If they said only portraiture, they'd have received less than half that. That's a nice business.