I *hate* spotting prints.

First ... check you shortstop intensity. I do not use shortstop on film ... I can hear all those LOUD gasps out there ... but that is my decision ... and it is a result of enduring pinholes in the past. If anything, I'll use a plain water wash, before fixing, and that is it.
Shortstop is usually 28% glacial acetic acid and water: 16ml/ liter. I know quite a few photographers who will reduce that concentration to 5 - 10ml/ liter.

I really dislike doing *anything* to a negative. I'll suggest bleaching the print - you can always make another:
Potassium Ferricyanide - diluted a bunch with water, a Q-Tip ... and a whole bunch of patience. You might try another Q-Tip with standard fixer after the (very) localized bleaching ... and re-wash afterwards.