I'va entered prints in shows and competitions a couple of times, but never won anything - and generally don't get showed if there are other prints at all.

But then I had some in a competition where a number of judges were giving points to each print, and the entrants were given a breakdown of the points after the event was over: All of mine were graded "0, 9, 0, 10, 2, 9, 10, 1," and so on. Thinking about it for a bit I concluded that about half the jurors loved my prints, the other half hated them. And that must be better than the winning entry, which was graded a solid 8,10,8,9,9,7,9,8 or something like that? Speaking to others as well as some of the jurors I discovered that my prints had received more "10's" than any others - but also more "0's".

You've just met one of the "0" jurors, and his vote was the only one. Next time there will be a different one, and that may be a "10"-man.