I think talking with all of you has helped more than writing any letter could. I am truly appreciative, thank you.

After carefully considering all of the great guidence in this thread, I've decided that I'm going to move on and put this experience behind me--I'm not going to make them important enough for me to spend time on a letter.

I also think that I will reduce the number of juried exhibitions that I submit to... most don't sell anything and all I do is increase the bank account of the gallery. I just have to figure out the next step for my artwork, any advice?

There is a scroll bar that runs through the middle of the images.
Mark-thank you! I know about this problem with my website; under some browsers the scrollbar you're seeing is in the pop-up frame for the lightbox feature--it works on most browsers and the only option was to remove the scrollbar for one or two browsers, but the scrollbar was necessary. I am sorry about this, but fixing it would mean removing a feature that works in many other browsers.