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Any opinions on this camera? I do not want to go the Holga route, and most of the other ones are pretty steep for my budget. This one seems pretty reasonable, but I am not familiar with MF or what to look for.

I have never ownerd a seagul TLR, but have used a 105 (I think) in the past. I must say that I was impressed with the camera, it handled very well, the self-cocking shutter and mechanical film advance (as opposed to the little red window on the back) felt very luxurious compared to the Lipca Flexora and Rollercord I had used before. The viewfinder was a lot brighter than either the rollei or flexora (both were very old), and the split image focusing aid helped as well.

Image-wise I was not disapointed. The lens was sharp at the apertures I used (I think f/4.5 and smaller), and the negs were very well exposed, so the shutter was good. Since I have never owned one, I cannot speak for it's durability.

Anyway, I just though that I'd give you a user's view on the Seagull. You can find used rolleis and the such for the same price (or cheaper), but figure in the price for a CLA (about 100 bucks for a rollei) and a new screen (can be had for 30) and see where you are at.

Good luck with your choice,