Thanks to you all. I will certainly be trying platinum printing. It may seem strange, but part of the motivator was seeing some paintings of river scenes that reminded me of some of Kerik's prints (I have seen more of his images than anyone elses) in terms of the tonal scale, colour and size. I then realised what an excuisite thing a decent sized platinum print must be (not sure that 8x10 is big enough...11x14 up methinks).. Somehow the 'look' of such prints seems to lend itself to smaller, more 'precious' prints than regular silver prints (not counting AZO as I have never seen one). I will experiment with 8x10 then sell body parts to fund something bigger if I like it enough. I quite like the idea of reducing the size of the darkroom and being able to work in decent subdued light (eventually). Not sure that this would be possible, as at a recent exhibition there was FAR more interest in (and sales of) large prints of 17" or more (corroborated by other exhibitors). People (excluding serious collectors and those with loads of cash to spend on tiny prints....) just seem to want large wall centre pieces in the UK at the moment. Maybe I need to move upmarket! There was a whole lot of support for traditional monochrome in genereal tho.

Thanks again!