There are (with the exception of kodachromes) as many or more trans films available then ever before with 2 new films from both kodak and fuji, colour neg films are also numerous (although mostly bland) with new films from kodak and agfa. I think the rate of development in most fields is for faster then ever before -- thanks to the maturity of the computer industry -- which is bearing fruit for those of us who shoot film. I suspect that we will continue to see improvements, but with a much narrower scope. As in wedding , portrait and general/consumer use.

Duping, technical, interneg, graphic arts and print films are all but gone, as are the the niche films ektar 25, ultra 50, and pirn. I would also not be surprised if tungsten balanced films see little attention and or be reduced in variety.

I don't know about B&W.

As far as equipment goes. There is as David points out enough old equipemnt out there to cover us. I wish film camera development was going strong. Imagine what could be done if todays technologies were applied to yesterday's great cameras -- Light weight, 6x9 cameras with interchangable lenses and ttl metering or entirely modern graphics line (speed graphics, graphmatics, etc...) or what if we could apply the ergonomic lessons learned to those cameras or even to the blads.