of the 600 integral film. Used to be only Argos* that sold this special 4 pack at 34.99 and now argos no longer carry it. I tried to buy some last week and they were sold out and claimed they'd get more in on Wednesday. Today I search and they've dropped polaroid products (including the dumb digital picture frame etc). I check Polaroid's UK website since that's how I found out Argos sold polaroid film at all and at a buy-in-bulk discount. Nope, no longer listed, now their only recommended online dealer is jessops.com :rolleyes:

I'm sad now, i think the only route for cheaper polaroid 600 film is to buy it from unsaleable.com now Or continue to buy twinpacks from Boots for 19.99.

*argos is a chain of stores in the UK, it's a catalogue-based type store.