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I I have a Paterson 2 reel tank that states 290ml is required for 1 roll of 35mm film. I placed that amount in the tank and it just covers the reel (no surprise here). My question is if you really should put in more than the minimal amount to have enough chemical present to properly develop the film (i.e. small amounts get used up and give inconsistent results).
I have also been using a 2 reel Paterson tank. If you're developing two rolls at once, it's hard to use too much more that 290ml per roll, becuase that just about fills the tank.

When I'm developing a single roll in that tank, I'll use a bit more that 290, not because I think 290 is not enought fluid to do the job, but becuase I worry that if the tank is not precisly level, the top of one side of the reel might not be fully submerged.

I haven't had any problems.