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I forgot to say my test was with 120 film.


I am currently doing some comparisoin testing of TMY and TMY-2 in sheet film size for an article in View Camera so will have to withhold my conclusions about the sheet film until the article appears. I am using D76 1:1 for the tests and developing with constant (rotary) agitation.

However, a few weeks ago I did some real life comparison testing of TMY and TMY-2 in 120 format with a Mamiya 711 camera and 65 mm lens. I evaluated the results by doing a very high resolution scan (5050 ppi) of the negatives, and then cropping out a small section of the scan and blowing it up. When the crops were adjusted for density and contrast I could see a very definite improvement in grain size and sharpness in the new TMY-2. The 120 negatives were developed in Pyrocat-HD 1:1:100 with minimal agitation.

I would suggest that the 8X loupe does not provide enough magnification to see differences that may exist in the negatives, or perhaps Rodinal is not a good choice for the comparison.

Sandy King