Hi Sandy, I am definitely interested in better testing techniques than mine. However when it comes to the proof in the pudding I have to see things relative to my uses and techniques. I don't take my first test as the final judgement by any means. And I first referenced the grain difference because that is the easiest thing to look at quickly. I am far more interested in tonality and really the grain is of less concern as I can make an acceptable 14x14 inch print from the old stuff. I put the film at the top of my enlarger and examined it through a grain focuser because as you say an 8x loupe isn't enough on a light box. There might be a definite sharpness increase and grain decrease visible on your high res scan but from what I can tell so far it wouldn't be significant or even perceptable at normal viewing. But as you say perhpas Rodinal is the wrong soup.

Thanks Dennis