[QUOTE=pentaxuser;575602]Isn't R09 a film developer also? Where did you obtain the information to use HC-110 and then RO9 for print development? Satin RC is much duller than either Pearl or Glossy and as such looks much different while still wet compared to dry. The difference is much greater than the change in Pearl or Glossy paper from wet to dry. Difficult to judge from a scan but Satin is a very flat finish which is how it looks on my monitor.

Use a proper print developer then judge. I have a feeling that you will not like a Satin finish anyway based on what I think your expectations of how the finished print look should be.

I bought a bunch of paper from a photography student on Craigslist, i bought apx $200 worth of paper for $50 ! i thought i got a good deal ? I already dont like the satin paper and that is 50% of the paper i bought. I have only been printing for the past 36 hours. in the past 36 hours i bought an enlarger and paper from craigslist so you can see that im a beginner but i think i will figure it out soon. I will get some Ilford paper developer tomorrow if the photo supply store is open. Thank you for your responce.