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As said earlier, you need a paper deveoper. RO9 isn't one either.

In my experience, the Ilford RC satin paper looks very flat when dry compared to when wet. This effect, coupled with your very short processing times, could be the problem. I would be using longer times in all three chems.

Another variable you are not mentioning is the filtration you are using for contrast, if any.

I would suggest getting some Kodak Dektol or Ilford paper developer, and some glossy paper. Read the directions and follow them for all of the chemicals and the chosen paper, and see if your results don't get better.

Good luck. We'll be here.
Dave, I didnt use a filter and the times for the chem's i got from kodak. Developing time was from a kodak manual, also the stopbath time was from kodak. The fixer is kodafix and i used the time on the bottle for paper, 2 minutes. I will try longer times on my next print and see how it comes out.