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Congratulations on the new F&S, scootermm had one of these and it was indeed a nice camera (he moved up to the 12x20 big brother of the F&S 7x17). As I recall, rather than alter the camera he altered the rib on the S&S holders, so you might consider that option. Send Matt a PM, I know he would be happy to discuss it with you. Have fun!!
It's done. I posted 3 photos of the setup and the finished groove. In addition to the lack of a groove, the holder area was stained wood, where I prefer flat black paint. The S&S ribs are not tall, so a shallow groove sufficed. The old carpenter's adage "measure twice and cut one" was far outdone today, as I must have measure 15 times before I attacked this antique with a 17,000 rpm bit.
Here are the three photos, for those whose interest exceeds their initiative to go to the gallery.