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Don Bryant suggests $4-5 dollars for an 8X10 print,
FWIW, here is how I calculated the expense per 8x10 print.

1) Paper - I basing the print cost on the price of a premium paper in this case 1-11x14 sheet of COT 320. 25 sheets of COT 320 costs about $43 not including shipping. That makes each sheet $1.72.

2) Metal salts - I'm basing the per print cost for palladium on the assumtion that 12 drops of palladium would consume .6ml of palladium solution (each drop is about .05ml). Going by that usage about 42 prints can be made from 25 ml. Current B&S price of Palladium solution #3 is about $65 not including shipping. So that would make each print cost about $1.56 for palladium.

So just between paper and palladium the per print cost is $3.28. This price doesn't reflect the cost of other chemicals such as Ferric Oxalate, contrast agent, or clearing bath. Nor does it reflect the cost of shipping.

So one would probably approach about $4 per 8x10 print. The paper cost can be reduced, by using a paper such as Fabriano Extra White but that still requires an oxalic acid treatment, not expensive but another expense never the less. BTW, Jerry's Art O Rama just had Fabriano EW 140 on sale bringing a 22x30 inch sheet down to about $2.15 each. So it pays to shop around.

Good luck Tom,