I think you mentioned that you didn't use a filter when answering David. If this is VC(variable contrast) paper then without a filter the paper acts like a grade 2 paper. Maybe the neg needs a grade 3 or 3.5 paper to bring out its best. If you expose as grade 2 but it really needs grade 3.5 then the print will look soft and grey overall and lacks punch which might be disguised until it dries

So if it is VC paper then get a set of filters to enable you to set the correct grade. All of what I and others have said will be contained in a darkroom handbook. I'd get one asap

Glossy does have a punchier look on a grade for grade basis but if it's exposed at the wrong grade then even glossy will look flat and grey. To avoid fingerprints I'd use a reasonably generous border on the print. Pearl and Satin do not suffer from fingerprints to anything like the same extent and suit some subjects better but initially get the grade and the look right or as you want it then take your time about longer term decisions on paper surface.