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It can't be any earlier than about 1957, since that's when Verichrome Pan replaced Verichrome.

There may be a graphic date code printed on the edge of the film, but there may not. The plant code is a dot somewhere in the Kodak Safety Film lettering.

The classic looking yellow paper went on for a long time. At least until the 1980's. Note the film speed -- is it 80, 100, or 125? Is the Kodak logo serif or sans-serif?
Thanks John. The film is definitely 125. It says so on the backing paper. The Kodak logo is in yellow and serif. The end backing paper when the film is wound off after exposure is a red/crimson colour. At the beginning there are simple instructions along the "sunny f16" rule and these are in black on a yellow backing. So end of roll writing is yellow on crimson and beginning is black on yellow.

Nothing else to identify date etc. PE said that in Kodak 620 of this age there were no codes or other identification along the edge of the emulsion and there is nothing else to establish date on the backing paper.

He went on to suggest that I ring the Kodak toll free number where help could be provided. Well there is such a toll free number in the U.S. but in the U.K. it is a 0870 number which is actually more expensive than ringing the Harrow, U.K. head office direct! This may be an oversight on Kodak UK's part but I doubt it and if not then it speaks volumes about Kodak's attitude to its UK customers compared to its US customers. There is no e-mail address either

I checked the UK site fully and it lists 3 print films only Ultra Max 400, Kodak Gold 200 and the Chromogenic B&W film Pro BW400CN. No trad B&W such as old TMax, no Portra, no mention of the new TMax etc.Compared with the Ilford site it's a joke. Don't they want new custom?

I wasn't anti Kodak before trying the site but in all honesty Kodak seem to be doing very little to win over UK potential customers. However maybe feelings based on my findings are for another thread.

Oh there is a UK toll free number but only for the Kodak Picture Support Kiosk! This may say everything about Kodak's view of its few remaining Analogue customers

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