Hi Huram,

the only thing I can say is that there isn't really a bad film out there today. It depends on what you want. Do you want a perfect gray scale, or do you lean more towards a contrasty result?
In any case, settle for one film, maybe two if you need one slow and one fast, and stick with it. Learn its strengths and weaknesses. This will help you as a photographer, especially in the beginning, to know what to expect from your negatives. Sometimes you might have to develop your negs with a fine grain developer such as Xtol if large images are required. Other times you may want extra sharpness and use for example Rodinal. In all these situations, it's good to have a good hunch of what to expect. This will make it easier for you to print as well.

My personal choices are as follows:
For slow film, Efke 25 & 100 (www.jandcphoto.com) and Agfa APX100 (www.adorama.com for a good deal)
For fast film, Ilford HP-5+ (www.freestyle.biz has this film bulk for dirt cheap)
These films work well for my purposes. They are versatile above everything else. Just watch it with the Efke films - load and unload film in very subdued light, the film canisters are not the most lightproof around. What is more, these films all work well in my developers of choice, so as long as they are on the market I will continue to use just these.

Hope that helps a bit,

- Thomas
Saint Paul, Minnesota